Your questions answered

Q   Do you have any age limits?
A   yes, we can offer single trip insurance to travellers aged up to 85 and annual travel insurance to travellers aged up to 75

Q   Are there any medical conditions you can't cover?
A   we can cover virtually most diagnosed medical conditions, we cannot cover you if you are awaiting investigation to determine what condition you have - it must have been diagnosed for us to insure you.

Q   I didn't receive my documentation from you!
A   this sometimes happens as our email to you may be sent to a 'junk' folder within your email providers settings. All our documentation is sent by email very quickly after you buy from us. Please check your junk files before contacting us, and ensure you enter your email address correctly!

Q   Why does my policy cost more than my holiday!?
A   We're not insuring the holiday (other than for cancellation), we're insuring YOU, and the medical bills you may incur while you are away